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Shenzhen Mingjiada Electronics Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned electronic component recycler, which has had a long-term engagement in in-depth vertical services, such as purchasing personal inventory, factory inventory, and customs seizure with cash at high prices, consignment, sales agencies, and clearance sales. Relying on the profound economic strength and deserved business reputation, Mingjiada quickly earned the trust of many factory customers around the world and established long-term cooperative relationships. We leverage our professional skills and abundant experience and treat people with integrity. Through persistent exploration and development, Mingjiada has established a sharp evaluation team that can quickly digest inventory, reduce storage, and recoup funds for customers. We deal with cash in a flexible and convenient manner at reasonable prices and are committed to satisfying the needs of customers by providing one-stop services. 

We also purchase the various electronic components and IC overstock, including (but not limited to): 5G ICs, new energy ICs, Internet of things ICs, Bluetooth ICs, Internet of Vehicles ICs, automobile-standard ICs, base station ICs, communication ICs, artificial intelligence ICs, medical ICs, home appliance ICs, voice ICs, memory ICs, sensor ICs, microcontroller ICs, transceiver ICs, mobile phone ICs, iPhone ICs/iWatch ICs, wearable ICs, connectors, lighting ICs, capacitor resistors, TO-247, diodes and triodes. 

We offer high prices for all original ICs of the following world-renowned brands: XILINX, APPLE, ALTERA, AD, MAXIM, ST, TI, ATMEL, NXP, SAMSUNG, FREESCALE, MROCHIP, BROADCOM, QUALCOMM, INFINEON, ON, AVAGO, and INTEL. 

Service highlights: 

1. Sales agency (The advantages include a high rate of funds return and high controllability. The disadvantages include long processing time and storage costs): we can assure you the highest rate of return. 

2. Consignment sales (The advantages include a high rate of funds return and reduced logistics costs; however, a disadvantage is the long processing time): we can provide flexible sales and professional logistics processing services. 

3. Clearance sale (The advantage is that you can deal with the electronic materials returned by the customs and overstocks all at once and quickly revitalize your funds. The disadvantage is a lower rate of funds return): we can purchase your stocks at a high price. 

Specific recycle process: 

1. You can simply classify your IC/module stocks and identify the model, brand, production date, quantity, etc. 

2. Please send your inventory list to our evaluation team by fax or e-mail. 

3. When you receive the purchase offer from one of our professionals, we can negotiate the specific transaction method and delivery and reach an agreement. 

4. We only recycle from regular channels, such as agents, traders, and factories, and do not accept irregular sources. 

Our strengths: 

1. We work off of our enormous advantages and abundant funds. 

2. Our operations almost cover the entire world. We have set up offices in Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Hungary to ensure global delivery. 

3. We offer reasonable prices to maximize your returns. 

4. We also offer high rewards to intermediaries. 

We adhere to the principles of honesty, trustworthiness, professionalism, and mutual benefit in our cooperation with customers. If you have excess stock to deal with, please e-mail your inventory list to: sales@hkmjd.com or call to begin direct negotiations. 

Contact: Mr. Chen/Evaluation Team 

Mobile: +8613410018555 

E-mail: sales@hkmjd.com

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